Peter Oborne

Peter Oborne

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Journalist Peter Oborne discusses with Ivan six things which should be better known.

Peter Oborne is a former political commentator of the Spectator, the Daily Telegraph and Daily Mail. He now writes about politics for Open Democracy and Middle East Eye. He is the author of The Assault on Truth, The Triumph of the Political Class, and The Rise of Political Lying as well as a biography of the cricketer Basil D’Oliveira. He was voted Columnist of the Year at the Press Awards in 2013. His website is

The episode features a clip from The Death of Liberalism with Lord Paddy Ashdown by the Legatum Institute (22/6/15) and A Marriage of Convenience by Somerset Maugham, read by Daniel Weyman (

  1. Benefits of an afternoon nap

  2. Mohenjo Daro

  3. Paddy Ashdown

  4. The virtue of listening

  5. Fixers

  6. Somerset Maugham

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