Gaia Vince

Gaia Vince

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Gaia Vince discusses with Ivan six things which should be better known.

Gaia Vince is a science writer and broadcaster interested in the interplay between humans and the planetary environment. She is a Senior Honorary Research Fellow at University College London in the Anthropocene Institute. She has held senior editorial posts at Nature and New Scientist, and her writing has featured in newspapers and magazines including the Guardian, The Times and Scientific American. She also writes and presents science programmes for radio and television. In 2015, she became the first woman to win the Royal Society Science Book of the Year Prize solo for her debut, Adventures in the Anthropocene: A Journey to the Heart of the Planet We Made. She is author of Transcendence: how humans evolved through fire, language, beauty & time and Adventures in the Anthropocene: a journey to the heart of the planet we made. Her next book Nomad Century: How to Survive the Climate Upheaval is published in 2022.

  1. Hungarian sour cherry soup

  2. Mangosteen

  3. Friedensreich Hundertwasser

  4. The Secret History of Writing

  5. Heath Robinson

  6. Cassawary

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