Catharine Arnold

Catharine Arnold

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Historian Catharine Arnold discusses with Ivan six things which should be better known.

Catharine Arnold is a popular historian and television presenter specialising in dark themes. Her most recent book is Pandemic 1918, the Story of the Deadliest Influenza in History. Her other books include the acclaimed London Quartet. These include: Necropolis, London and its Dead, ‘entertainment of the most garish and exquisite kind,’ Peter Ackroyd, The Times. The Independent also rated Necropolis one of its Top Ten History Books in 2010. Her first novel, Lost Time, won a Betty Trask award.

  1. Daisies

  2. Masha by Mara Kay

  3. Bilgewater by Jane Gardam

  4. George Barker’s poetry

  5. Ronald Frame

  6. It’s Never Too Late

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