Benjamin Myers

Benjamin Myers

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Novelist Benjamin Myers discusses with Ivan six things which should be better known.

Benjamin Myers was born in Durham in 1976. His latest novel is The Perfect Golden Circle. His novel The Gallows Pole received a Roger Deakin Award and won the Walter Scott Prize for historical fiction. Beastings won the Portico Prize for Literature and Pig Iron won the Gordon Burn Prize, while Richard was a Sunday Times Book of the Year. He has also published poetry, crime novels and short fiction, while his journalism has appeared in publications including, among others, The Guardian, New Statesman, Caught by the River and New Scientist. He lives in the Upper Calder Valley, West Yorkshire.

  1. Mini
  2. Reunion by Fred Uhlman
  3. You Suffer by Napalm Death
  4. Glenda Jackson
  5. Soundcloud rap
  6. Hedgehogs

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