Olivia Fane

Feb 9, 202031 minutes

Olivia Fane discusses with Ivan six things which she thinks should be better known.

Olivia is the author of five novels and The Conversations, 66 reasons to start talking. Her new book is Why Sex Doesn't Matter. She is married with five sons, and lives in West Sussex.

  1. Armenia as a tourist destination https://www.regent-holidays.co.uk/country/armenia-holidays/
  2. The poet Katrina Porteous www.bloodaxebooks.com/ecs/category/katrina-porteous
  3. Meister Eckhart www.eckhartsociety.org
  4. Marcus Aurelius Meditations https://www.lrb.co.uk/the-paper/v31/n14/mary-beard/was-he-quite-ordinary
  5. Sex and Temperament in Three Primitive Societies by Margaret Mead https://faculty.washington.edu/stevehar/Temperament.pdf
  6. The Living Rulers of Mankind by HN Hutchinson https://archive.org/details/livingrulersofma00hutc/page/n8/mode/2up

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